About the Course

The course is a self-paced journey designed to teach you:

Basic AI terms and concepts

The most common generative AI use cases for talent development professionals

Prompt engineering best practices

Testing and governance of AI

Risk mitigation for AI

How AI can help you become more productive, efficient, and creative

Previews of what's next in generative AI

What's in it for You?

Explore the foundations of large language models like ChatGPT and how they're reshaping content creation and data analysis

Gain hands-on experience in applying AI tools to streamline your work

Real-World Applications: With every lesson, you'll be able to directly apply your new knowledge to your own tasks, ensuring that every bit of learning translates into real-world results.

Who Should Take This Course?

You are a fit to take this course if you meet ANY of these qualifications:

You're interested in or currently using generative AI.

You have tried ChatGPT or a similar system at least once.

You want to learn more about the use of AI in your field.

You are responsible for the creation of learning experiences and HR systems that could be enhanced with AI.

You are responsible for managing people and their use of AI, or working on a strategy for doing so.

You are responsible for the overall strategic use of AI in your organization.

You want to keep your employment options open by staying abreast of this emerging technology.

This Course Isn't For Everyone

If you're an advanced user, you may not see as much benefit from this content. How do you know that you're an advanced user?

You know the different scenarios in which you would implement Pinecone vs ChromaDB for retrieval augmented generation.

You understand and perhaps have even done adjustments to tensor layers in an open weights model, or done a model merge.

You are currently writing code against the OpenAI Assistants API.

Join me!

I’m on a mission to help everyone in the learning and talent development field embrace the Age of AI. I designed this course with you in mind.

It's not just about learning AI; it's about empowering you to be the trendsetter and expert advisor for your clients and your team. 

Enroll now and begin the next chapter of your career!

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